What Are The Benefits of Antabuse For Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Alcoholism can damage your personal as well as professional life, leaving you distressed and alone. It can have a detrimental effect on your career, interpersonal relationships, health and lastly on your mental balance. The addiction is so severe sometimes that it gets difficult to overcome it. Many people under the alcohol abuse require immediate help. Medical treatments and support from family members can help him come out of substance abuse.


Antabuse is nothing but a brand name for the popular drug Disulfiram that is popularly used for treating off alcohol abuse. Antabuse for Alcohol Addiction and even drug addiction has been ruling the market of drug abuse medication since last 60 years. It was launched in the year 1951, one of the oldest medicines that were approved by FDA.
Treatment for Alcohol Addiction Using Antabuse


Antabuse breaks down acetaldehyde that is naturally produced in the body after the consumption of alcohol. This acetaldehyde mixes with the bloodstream to produce unpleasantness in the body. This unpleasantness involves many physical symptoms that can keep away a person from consumption of alcohol. The effect of Antabuse can be felt within 10 minutes of alcohol consumption and may remain for a long period of time till the alcohol is completely metabolised.

Antabuse stays in the body for more than weeks making the person uncomfortable every time he consumes alcohol. The intensity of uncomfortable symptoms prevails for at least 30 minutes or may even last for hours depending upon the proportion of alcohol and Disulfiram in the body. More is the alcohol consumption; there is more severity of symptoms.

The severity and range of symptoms vary from one person to another. Every individual under the therapy will not experience the same. Drop in blood pressure level, rapid heart palpitation; nausea and vomiting are the commonest of all the symptoms known. Some Disulfiram-alcohol symptoms are dizziness, sweating, headaches, rapid heart rate, hyperventilation and shortness of breath.

Advantages of Antabuse for Alcohol Addiction

There have been a number of advantages of using Antabuse in Treatment for Alcohol Addiction.

• It keeps you away from damaging nature of alcohol and keeps you sober. Alcohol can affect your life immensely and leave you devastated forever. Antabuse is used to save you from the detrimental effects of alcohol abuse.
• It acts as an effective deterrent. People consuming deterrent drugs can obtain Antabuse treatment for better results. The abstinence rate after using Antabuse is 50% higher than the ones who did not use it. However, prolonged treatment is necessary.
• It can keep you away from cravings. It will help you in abstinence. First few months are very critical till your body gets used to the withdrawal of alcohol and Antabuse helps the person get through this phase.
• When the person is under this therapy it takes very little alcohol to produce the symptoms. Hence very little consumption of alcohol can make you feel really uncomfortable and you will stay away from the tempting beverage.

If you are in Philadelphia and are searching for an addiction treatment options, then you can have some of the best choices available. Philadelphia Addiction Center uses Antabuse for keeping you away from substance abuse and it is quite an effective procedure. The experts are there in this method since long and hence make sure that you can get treated in the right way.


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