How Can Disulfiram Help In Curing Alcohol Addiction?

Consumption of alcohol occasionally is a normal thing, but the situation becomes an addiction if you are consuming alcohol on a regular basis or rather every day. When you start craving for alcohol, it is an addiction and this needs to be treated as it causes you both physical as well as other harms such as loss of property or image.

There are a number of ways today to cure alcohol addiction, but if you are searching for the easiest one, then it can be through disulfiram. It is an Antabuse that is available in the form of a tablet that may not cure the craving for alcohol but makes the person ill after consumption of alcohol that motivates the person to quit alcohol. This is the reason Disulfiram Treatment for Alcohol Abuse is one of the commonest options available today.

What Happens In The Treatment?

As mentioned before disulfiram does not weaken the craving for alcohol in the person, but it creates some other situations that motivate the person to quit alcohol. If you are regularly in-taking the dosage of disulfiram, then after the consumption of alcohol you will experience a number of ill symptoms such as:

  • Headache,
  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • Impaired vision,
  • Weakness,
  • Sweating and breathing problem,
  • Mental confusion,
  • Hyperventilation,
  • Hypotension,
  • Tachycardia,
  • Anxiety and others.

When the person experiences these symptoms on a regular basis, he or she automatically starts controlling his or her crave for alcohol. This is how Disulfiram for Alcohol Abuse can help the person in quitting the addiction.

The Working of Disulfiram

Now, when the purpose of disulfiram is reveled, it is more interesting to know how the medicine actual work does so that the person can get cured of the alcohol consumption.

The history of disulfiram is noted as old as the 1930s, when the experiment was conducted on the labors of a rubber factory. Regular dosage of disulfiram was provided to the labors with their food. When after work, they consumed alcohol; they started feeling the above mentioned ill symptoms every day. Slowly, they started controlling their craving and the consumption of alcohol was reduced down.

When you consume alcohol, it gets converted first into acetaldehyde and then it again gets converted further into acetic acid. During the Disulfiram Treatment for Alcohol Abuse, the alcohol surely gets converted into acetaldehyde but it does get converted further into acetic acid. The acetaldehyde in the body causes the symptoms of a headache, nausea, and others. The symptoms will keep on increasing if you consume the tablet regularly and hence it forces the person to quit alcohol.

Disulfiram for alcohol abuse is an age old process that is not only considered to be the best option but also something that helps in curing the addiction on a permanent basis. Of course, the person addicted also needs to use his or her controlling power in quitting alcohol. Altogether, with a regular consumption of the medicine, the chances of getting cured of the addiction increases.


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